At Woodlark Carpentry and Roofing, we pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide to our thousands of satisfied customers. We have vast carpentry experience, with expertise in Loft Structure, Cut Roofs, Roof Trusses, Loft Steel Works, Bespoke Joinery and Staircases.



Roofs are one area of housebuilding which is changing fast. In Victorian and Edwardian times, there was really just one way to build a roof and its still widely used. But since then we have seen the introduction of many other options.

  • Traditional/Cut Roof
  • Flat
  • Curved
  • Trussed
  • Panellised

At Woodlark Carpentry & Roofing, we are expert in all types of roof structures. So call us now to discuss your needs.


We offer a full bespoke service to our clients and can provide a whole range of joinery and carpentry projects to complement the character of your home.

We specialise in designing unique staircases, roof structures and timber framed buildings, all of which are custom-made just for you in our workshop.